Approach the Transfer Test with Confidence!

AQE day arrives, and like clockwork: butterflies in the stomach, sweaty palms and jittery nerves. And we’re talking about you - just imagine how your child feels!

With Sumkids, the good news is our transfer test prep tutors are experts at helping children take standardised tests with confidence, so both you and your child can feel calm — and prepared — on AQE day.

It’s natural for children to get nervous before such an important test. With our Transfer Test prep program, your child will learn useful test-taking strategies to manage his or her nerves and achieve better results. Open-ended questions can be tricky - your child will discover how to approach a variety of test formats, so he or she feels ready for test day.

The results from our Transfer Test prep program extend far beyond higher test scores and greater confidence on test day. You’ll see your child develop better study habits, useful test-taking skills and positive attitudes that can inspire greater success in the classroom every day.

How we make Transfer Test prep fun

If you’re wondering whether your child will like going to Sumkids for Transfer Test prep, rest easy. Our tutors are experts at connecting with kids, turning big test anxiety into confidence. If you were to ask Sumkids students, they’d tell you our tutors use  rewards and make learning more of a game — one of the many reasons kids love coming to Sumkids!

What to expect from Sumkids Transfer Test prep

Our Transfer Test prep program will:

  • Teach your child test prep strategies and study techniques that can reduce test anxiety and increase his or her confidence on Transfer Test day.

  • Engage your child in learning new test-taking skills within a fun learning environment.

  • Inspire higher scores in the AQE.

  • Ensure you feel in the loop, providing feedback on your child’s progress through the program so you know how he or she is doing.
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